993. Go on a road-trip

You’re probably pretty familiar with the town you live in, especially if you grew up there. You might know all the most fun spots for food, entertainment, or just relaxation. Take a minute to imagine all those fun spots: the family-owned homey diner, the hill behind the neighborhood you used to go rolling down, the park by the movie theatre with the huge fountain that lights up every night.

Now put that into perspective. All the really awesome, fun places you know in your town account for just a tiny fraction of all the really awesome, fun places in the world. Start seeing more of those really awesome, fun places by taking a road-trip!

It’s all about doing new things, things that you simply can’t do in your hometown. Drive down new highways, see new scenery, visit new places and meet new people!

Destination: wherever. Because life is too damn short to stay cooped up in one spot.