956. Conquer the Cinnamon Challenge

WARNING: this is not as easy as it may sound and is not for the light of heart.

The Cinnamon Challenge may be the ultimate test of your tongue’s willpower to date. To do it, you must swallow one tablespoon of ground cinnamon within 60 seconds without the aid of any liquids.

It’s actually a lot more difficult than it sounds, so let me give you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to insure you will conquer the Cinnamon Challenge!

1) Measure one tablespoon of ground cinnamon on some kind of serving utensil.

2) Put entire tablespoon in mouth.

3) Instantly regret every decision you’ve made in your life that would lead you to this point.

4) Cough out a cartoon-like cloud of cinnamon smoke.

5) Try to swallow, but fail miserably.

6) Repeat step 5 two to three times.

7) Resist the urge to murder everyone around you, who are undoubtedly laughing feverishly at your self-inflicted misery.

8) Scribble a last-minute will in case you don’t survive.

9) Finally swallow that last bit of cinnamon.

10) Live the rest of your life a Cinnamon Challenge Hero!