Wake up, eat, work, go to sleep. Rinse and repeat, every day of every week of every month of every year. What have you achieved? A lot of sleeping, eating, and working.

But those aren’t achievements, those are just… normal.

For some of us, though, that’s not good enough. We need more than that. We need to feel like our lives are more than just normal.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with eating, sleeping, or working. These are the things we need to do to sustain our lives, but they’re not what makes our lives worth living.

When normalcy makes our lives stale, we need uniqueness to freshen it again. This is what I hope 1,000 Achievements for Life will provide for you: an end to the mundane routine that controls your life. That’s something many of us desperately need, myself included, I admit.

No longer accept normalcy where enjoyment should be. These are our lives, the one and only lives we’ll get, and we should be enjoying every minute of it. Because trust me, when you’re on your deathbed with no time or energy left to do anything, you won’t be wishing you had slept, ate, and worked more.

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  1. I was hoping to learn something about you here… Who you are, what you like and where you live, and stuff 🙂 I came by to say hello – I really like the idea of your blog!

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