955. Go a whole week without watching any TV

I know what you’re thinking: “My God, a whole week? I can’t live without How I Met Your Mother/The Walking Dead/Big Bang Theory!”

But it’s alright, my friend. I love those shows, too, but we can do this. Just take a deep breath, set your TiVo to record all those episodes, and maybe read a book or go outside or something. Think of how many achievements you can cross off your list with a whole week free from the hypnosis of television!

5 thoughts on “955. Go a whole week without watching any TV

  1. Whole week without TV? No problem! I don’t even have one – haven’t had for years in fact. But a whole week without the Internet? Even at work? Like, NO internet at all? Now, that would be a challenge :)))

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  4. Yes! I’ve done this and it’s truly amazing! Getting outside is the best thing you can do with all the free time! Reconnect with mother nature, slow down to your heart beat, feel the earth move under your feet, feel the sky tumbling down, re-ignite your spirit, lose control… right down to your very soul…all over, all over, all over, all over!!!

    Where are you dude? I just discovered yoo in Neil Pasricha’s Awesome-land! I like your idea and hope to see more from you:)

    • Thank you for the very kind words, wendy 🙂

      Just to let you know, I’m alive and well and have not forgotten about this blog—it’s just had to take a back seat to life for the past while. I keep telling myself I should get back to writing new posts, and knowing there are fans like you out there definitely helps!

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