966. Fire a gun

Firing a gun will do one of two things:

1. Make you feel like the strongest badass on the face of the Earth.

It’s like you’re this mad scientist with the world’s greatest weapon in your hands, or an action-movie hero who can fight off every wave of bad-guys that come his way and still have enough testosterone left over to hook up with the girl at the end.


2. Make you feel like the smallest, most pathetic weakling in the universe.

When I went to a shooting range with my friend, Dave, he was trying to warn me about how loud the noise is and how strong the kickback can be, but noooo. I wasn’t listening. I was an expert in the art of Gun-Fu despite having never pulled a trigger in my life (outside of Ratchet and Clank). “How hard can it be,” I said. “You just point and shoot.” Except I forgot step three: have a miniature heart attack from the explosion I just witnessed two feet in front of my face! (He started me off with his .40 caliber, because apparently that’s what friends are for: giving each other heart attacks.)

With enough experience, or natural talent, you’ll probably feel like a badass. Otherwise, prepare to feel like a fly who somehow learned to pick up a flyswatter but is too afraid to use it because, after all, it’s specifically designed to injure and kill the kind of thing he is… a fly.

We all need to feel small sometimes, though, and we all need to feel big sometimes. So either way, it’s a great experience! And don’t worry about accidentally shooting yourself in the foot or something. The doctors can just give back the blood you donated doing the last achievement!

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