969. Ride a horse

Horses are one of the few animals you can actually sit on top of and ride toward the sunset, freedom blowing through your hair. I mean, you can do that with a cow, but then you’d just look stupid, though I admit, it would make the term “cowboy” much more appropriate. (I suppose they could have gone with “horseboy” but that just seems like a rejected idea for a very strange comic book hero.)

I know, I know, the whole cowboy lifestyle isn’t for everyone. I’m not telling you to go out and buy a pair of spur-fitted boots or hit on other guys at a gay bar while speaking in a poorly-done John Wayne accent and showing off your gun’s twelve-inch barrel (or six-inch for most of you fellas, but don’t worry, that’s enough for anyone).

This isn’t about all that. It’s about mankinds’s ability to tame the wild, feel a sense of freedom, and have fun!

1 thought on “969. Ride a horse

  1. Everyone should definitely do this. There is no other similar feeling. Riding a motorcycle is close, but the difference in sounds makes all the difference! Good post!

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