985. Win your first game of Chess

Stimulating the mind is just as important as stimulating the body, and playing Chess is a great way to do that. It’s a classic battle of wits where you’ve gotta stay one step ahead of your opponent to survive!

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Chess is too hard for me” or “I can’t remember how all the pieces move” (darn those horses). Or “I don’t play Chess because I think it’s messed up how the king takes another wife as soon as his current one is captured by the enemy, meaning the pawns are either all female or get a sex change to become a queen”.

I’d be lying if I said those things never crossed my mind, too. But don’t be discouraged by the game’s difficulty or the kings’ polyamorous tendencies. Once you learn the rules, the game is only as hard as the person you play against. Sure, there are grandmasters who can capture your king and burn your entire kingdom to the ground before they even wake up from the nap they were taking while playing you. But then there are also beginners who are still trying to remember the difference between a bishop and a rook.

And remember: every grandmaster was once a beginner!

So stop concentrating on how bad you are and start concentrating on how good you’ll be after you practice enough! And let’s face it: is there anything more satisfying than saying “Checkmate” after a long battle?

(Oh, and stalemates don’t count. You must capture the enemy king, that cheating jerk!)

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