989. Invent your own soft-drink

It’s a Sunday afternoon of driving around shopping when suddenly you realize you’re hungry, so you pull into the parking lot of the nearest fast-food joint. After scanning the giant menu above everyone’s head, you order a triple cheese-burger with extra pickles, mayonnaise, and bacon, an ice-cream cone with M&M and Oreo bits, and a twenty-piece chicken nugget meal (a small meal since you’re watching your figure). You hand the cashier the money to pay and she hands you the cup for your soft-drink.

Now you are faced with one of the most important decisions of your life: which bubbly, fizzy drink do you fill your empty cup with? The soda machine they have is like a treasure trove of every edible liquid known to mankind, but you can only have one! …Or can you?

Fill your cup halfway with drink A and halfway with drink B and you’ll get the best of both worlds! Or maybe the worst. Who knows?

Some will be tasty, others will be gross, and others still will be just plain weird. When I used to work at a particular fast-food joint, the more innovative coworkers of mine had invented “The Green Drink”, a combination of blue Powerade and orange Hi-C, the colors of which would mix to create (of course) green.

The possibilities are endless and it takes some experimenting to find the perfect soft-drink, so put on your lab-coat and goggles and get creative!

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