991. Offer someone else the last piece

Oh yes, my friend, this one will take some major self-control. We’ve all been there: a night of gorging take-out pizza or birthday cake, when all of a sudden, you realize there’s only one piece left.

If your friend wants it too, then there’s only one possible course of action for you two to take: a duel to the death! Or rock-paper-scissors. Whatever you choose to do, one of you ends up disappointed while the other ends up a few extra pounds and a satisfied grin on their face.

Splitting it in half is always an option, and it’s a good option for compromise, but let’s face it: you both want that piece in its entirety, and although you’d rather have half of it than none, you’d still rather have all of it than half.

So one of these nights, say to your friend, “You know what? You can have it. Your happiness is more important than my desire to constantly stuff my face when I’m not even hungry anymore.”

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