995. Sit on the bottom of a swimming pool

Raise your hand if you swim with about as much grace as a bowling ball filled with rocks. My hand is not raised, my friend, and do you know why? Because when I’m in the water, I make a bowling ball filled with rocks look like Michael Phelps.

I may not be winning any olympic gold medals any time soon, but I still have fun at the pool showing off my expertly refined doggy-paddle. One of my favorite things to do is to sit on the bottom of the pool, feeling my body’s strange weightlessness and looking around at the new watery world around me.

And that’s exactly what this achievement is.

You don’t have to go to the deep-end, but you still have to be completely submerged for it to count. So take a deep breath, then let it all out, sink to the bottom and touch it with your cheeks. It can be fun to sit and stare for awhile, but be sure to resurface before you run out of oxygen!

That first breath of air will taste like victory.

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